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25 January 2020

The Spring Festival, which is the Chinese New Year, is celebrated in January/February, depending on the adjustment of lunar days. Food is piled up to ensure abundance during the year and the traditional wax cake is distributed to relatives and friends. Firecrackers are lit to ward off evil spirits.

Gala Show with local and artists from People’s Republic of China

Organiser: Ministry of Arts and Culture and the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China.

01 February 2020

Date: 01 February

Slavery was abolished on the island in 1835 by the British, following the vote of the Slavery Abolition Act in 1833 by the British Parliament. Each year, to celebrate the abolition of slavery, concerts and commemorative events are organized throughout the island, especially at Le Morne, a symbolic place, which was the refuge of many runaway slaves

Organiser : Ministry of Arts and Culture

08 February 2020

Cavadee is among the most spectacular Tamil events. The body pierced with needles and the tongue and cheeks with skewers, the devotee, trance-like and in penance, walks in procession to the temple bearing the "Cavadee”.

21 February 2020

Maha Shivratree is celebrated in honour of Hindu God, Siva. Hindu devotees, clad in spotless white, carry the "kanwar" - wooden arches covered with flowers – on pilgrimage to Grand Bassin, to fetch holy water from the lake.

12 March 2020

Mauritius celebrates Independence Day Every year on the 12th March. Mauritians enjoy a public holiday to celebrate the anniversary of independence from Britain.At this time of year, the colorful flag is displayed all over the island – in shops, homes, schools, government buildings and local communities gather for smaller festivities across the country.

Come and celebrate with Mauritius  the world’s melting pot. Discover our beautiful beaches, over 100 fun family activities, 11 championship golf courses and world-class spa & wellness facilities. Choose from wide choice of accommodation based on our hotel classification system. Enjoy an exciting calendar of activities leading to the celebration of our 50 years of success in building the Mauritian nation.

Organizer :- Ministry of Arts and Culture

25 March 2020
Ugaadi celebrations is an historic festival of the Hindus welcoming the New Year’s day. People clean their houses and decorate with colourful flowers. Prayers are also done on that day. 
24 May 2020

Eid-ul-Fitr is the first day of the Islamic month of Shawwal. It marks the end of Ramadan, which is a month of fasting and prayer. Many Muslims attend prayers during Eid-ul-Fitr.  They are dressed in fine clothing and children receive gifts on that occasion.

Organiser : Ministry of Arts and Culture

* Depend on the visibility of the moon.


23 August 2020

Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated during the August / September. It marks the birthday of Ganesha, the God of wisdom and remover of all obstacles according to Hindu mythology. The event ends with the Ganesh Visarjan​ whereby devotees immerse idol of Lord Ganesh in water body after a gala street procession.

Organiser : Ministry of Arts and Culture